About Tom

I was a computer programmer and novice bicycle racer when I began receiving massage,  with two goals in mind: increasing energy during racing season and getting relief from migraine headaches.  Both goals were attained with regularly scheduled massage. That was over thirty years ago, and having since attained the 2009 Minnesota State Championship in the demanding Keirin bicycle discipline, I believe massage is still working wonders for me. 


Focused Rehab and Relief

Request this if you are recovering from an injury, or have a specific condition which may limit your ability to enjoy a typical relaxation massage 


The goal of Swedish Massage is to remove muscle tension and increase the blood flow to your heart.  This is similar to what you might find in a typical spa setting.



Focused treatment is paired with Swedish Massage.  We will decide on a couple of specific areas that may detract from the overall relaxation if not addressed..